About Us

About Us

Dr. Shkodrani

International Dental Clinic Dr. Shkodrani – was founded in year 2000 by the initiative of Dr. Shkodran Sejdijaj – Maxillo-facial Surgery Specialist

Dr. Shkodrani Clinic is located at Main – Mbretresha Teute str. in Mitrovica – Kosovo

Dr. Shkodrani Clinic in Mitrovica is specialized in implantology, (teeth implants), maxillo-facial surgery, orthodontics and other specialized services in the field of stomatology.

Utilization of the latest technology in the field of Stomatology in general is a base mission of Dr. Shkodrani Dental Clinic, aiming to follow the most up to date practices and trends in this field, through visits in medical fairs, seminars and different trainings in the region and Europe aiming to bring the most advanced practices and devices in disposal of our patients.

This private medical institution employee’s personnel of 15 people, which are Stomatolgy Specialists and Dental field specialized staff.

Dr. Shkodrani dental clinic has a second branch located in Vushtrri and offers the same specialized services as in the Base Clinic in Mitrovica

You are welcome anytime for a visit or professional consultation.
Dr. Shkodran Sejdijaj

Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist

Mitrovica / Jan-2011