Why Us ?

Why Us ?

Why? Dr. Shkodrani

Dr. Shkodrani dental clinic provides complete care for all ages and dental needs.
We offer many services including thorough routine and preventive care, advanced cosmetic procedures, implants, teeth whitening, quality restorative and prosthodontic dentistry.


  • Personal Attention 

Your first visit with Dr. Shkodrani is to ensure we meet and exceed your expectations of dental care in our office. We take whatever time is necessary to listen to your concerns and understand your needs. Many patients comment they have never had such a comprehensive exam and felt so understood. We will work with you to design an optimal plan for your dental health.

  • A Caring Comfortable Atmosphere

You will immediately feel welcomed by our friendly team of dental professionals. We make it our mission to reduce your anxiety and reduce any discomfort. It is not uncommon for patients to rave about our chair side manner! We use low dose x-rays to greatly minimize your radiation exposure.

  • Quality Services

Our office combines the most advanced procedures and techniques along with high tech equipment with individualized treatment. Various treatment options are considered before selecting the best one based on a patient’s needs. We will work with you to plan and schedule your treatment, determine your insurance benefits and help you make financial arrangements before beginning any treatment.

  • A Fantastic Team

Dr. Shkodrani believes that in order to provide the highest level of service, a doctor must surround himself with a team that is not only competent, but unusually warm and friendly. People like this are not easy to find, and Dr. Shkodrani feels very fortunate to have attracted such a quality team.

Dr. Shkodrani and his staff are well-trained professionals who work together as a team to bring you our high standards of dentistry in a warm, caring setting. We appreciate the opportunity to get to know you, as you get to know us. We encourage you to become involved in creating and maintaining your dental health.

      About:  Dr. Shkodrani

Dr. Shkodrani is a senior diagnostician who gives his time to teach other doctors both inside and outside the practice. He utilizes his extensive training and experience to keep your teeth healthy, or, if necessary, to treat even the most challenging dental situations. He has been delivering cosmetic, implant, and functional solutions to patients for over 15 years. His commitment to “doing it right” and ability to “handle just about anything” has won him the admiration of patients and other doctors.

     What We Stand For

“I am against the status quo in dentistry. Too many people are anxious and afraid. Too many lose their teeth. Too many have dentistry that doesn’t last. Too many get way behind with their teeth and don’t know where to turn. Too many people don’t realize the huge effects of their oral health on their total body health. Too many people are robbed of the joys of living, laughing, and loving life that could be theirs. Too many people live shorter lives because of their teeth.

“I am here to change all that – to make a real difference for my patients.”

Dr. Shkodran Sejdijaj

Maxillofacial Surgeon Specialist